Mom Spoons Her ‘Dying’ 19-lb Miracle Horse To Bring Him Back To Life

Meet Peabody, the world’s smallest and most adorable horse who has captured the hearts of social media users everywhere. Born too small to reach his mother’s udder and abandoned by her, Peabody’s life could have ended in euthanasia.

However, thanks to the kindness and determination of miniature horse trainer Faith Smith, this tiny foal has found a loving home and a new lease on life.


When Peabody was born, his small size and health issues led veterinarians to suggest euthanasia. Upon hearing about the baby horse, Faith Smith immediately rented a van and drove across the country to San Diego to meet the colt’s owners and buy him back. Despite being warned that Peabody was sick, with an incorrectly positioned jaw and potential vision and hearing problems, Faith took him home and showered him with love and care.


Miraculously, Peabody’s health began to improve. His bite returned to normal, his legs grew stronger, and he gained weight. Now weighing around 8 kg, Peabody has become a beloved member of Faith’s family. “This is the smallest horse among stallions of the same age in the world. While horses are not [indoor] pets, that is not the case for Peabody. He’s small enough to live in the house, sleep in my bed, and be friends with my dogs,” Faith says.

Peabody now enjoys walks, playtime, and meals with his canine companions, and his adoptive family is even teaching him to use a diaper when they’re not at home. If Peabody continues to gain weight and make a full recovery, he may eventually live among other horses outdoors. However, if he doesn’t fully recover, he will remain with Faith Smith and his dog friends, living a happy and comfortable life.

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