Monster 6ft black mamba snake slithers out from Christmas tree in festive horror

A deadly six-foot black mamba slithered out from beneath a family’s Christmas in something that can only be described as The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The family from Queensburgh, South Africa, couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched the huge snake move around inside the tree before hiding behind a speaker.

The black mamba’s bite has a 100% fatality rate if untreated so the family were quick to call snake catcher Nick Evans to remove the unwanted guest as soon as possible.

Nick posted a picture of the black mamba on Facebook and told his followers about the nasty Christmas surprise.

“Santa left me an early Christmas present, although not at my house, no, under someone else’s Christmas tree,” he joked.

“I picked it up from where it was hiding, with the tongs, lifted it over the wires and things that could get knocked over, put it on the lounge floor and pinned it down.

“The family were rather shocked as you can imagine.

“It’s one of the more amusing places I’ve found a mamba.”

One person said in the comments: “Christmas would be cancelled for me and my family. Will move out immediately.” While another said: “I’m not putting up a tree now!”

The black mamba has a deadly bite (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)
The black mamba has a deadly bite (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Someone wrote that Christmas in Africa can “get a little sketchy with the wildlife wanting to celebrate too”. Another chimed in: “Hope Santa doesn’t hear about this. He’ll never come down a chimney again!!”

The black mamba is the world’s second-longest venomous snake behind the King Cobra and can grow to be nearly 10ft-long, and its bite can release a neurotoxin that can kill a human in 20 minutes if untreated.

It will only attack humans if threatened or cornered despite being one of the deadliest snakes on the planet.

This article by Abigail Hunt was first published by The Daily Star on 26 December 2023. Lead Image: That’s one nasty Christmas surprise… (Image: Nick Evans- Snake Rescuer/Facebook).

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