N.Y. Jets Lineman Champions Change for Chained Dogs

New York Jets defensive tackle, 2022 and 2023 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year nominee, and 2023 Heisman Humanitarian Award winner Solomon Thomas is tackling the issue of chained “backyard dogs” in a new PETA video:

Solomon Thomas Knows Dogs Don’t Deserve to Live Outside

“Dogs are social, loving animals. They just want to be with you: walks, playtime, a safe place to call home, family. Please, don’t chain your dog.”

—Solomon Thomas

Dogs don’t just crave contact with their human family—they need it. If deprived of companionship, play, or exercise, lonely dogs become depressed and withdrawn and can develop other psychological problems.

Not only is leaving a dog outside and isolated detrimental to their psychological health, it also inflicts severe physical pain. Often, chained dogs are deprived of even the basics—such as food, water, and veterinary care. Dogs are no better equipped to survive freezing temperatures or other extreme weather conditions than humans are—they can suffer terribly from frostbite and die from exposure.

Tan and white dog chained outside in the snow

How You Can Help Break Chains, Not Hearts

Like Solomon said, dogs just want to be with us. They deserve to live with, love, and be loved by their human families, not suffer in isolation on the end of a chain. If you see an animal being mistreated or neglected, say somethingtheir well-being, if not their life, could depend on it.

Dogs should never be left outside unattended, but when they’re outside and deprived of access to food, water, or shelter, the situation is an emergency and local authorities should be contacted immediately. If they’re unresponsive, contact PETA for help. If you see a chained dog in your area whose situation isn’t an emergency, follow our tips to help chained dogs:

How to Help Chained Dogs

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