Need a Moment of Zen? Watch a Sleepy Hippo Enjoying a Fish Spa Treatment

A sleepy hippo taking an underwater nap while being groomed by a school of fish is just the ‘moment of zen’ we needed on Hump Day.

The video shows a Nile Hippopotamus waking up and bobbing to the surface for air while enjoying the fish spa treatment.

The African Cichlid fish can be seen picking bits of dead skin off of the large mammal’s body as he settles back down and goes to sleep.

The fish sometimes swim into hippos’ mouths to clean bits of food from their teeth.

Hippos can sleep for up to 16 hours a day, despite only being able to hold their breath for about five minutes.

They have a reflex that will bob their head up for air without waking them.

This article was first published by Good News Network on 27 March 2024. Lead Image: SWNS video.

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