New Subject Editor: Cecilia Di Bernardi

Submitted by editor on 19 April 2024.

My name is Cecilia Di Bernardi and I am an early-career postdoctoral researcher at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences SLU. My work has so far focused on the ecology of meso- and large carnivores and how intrinsic and extrinsic factors drive their demography, behavior and evolution. After working on primates in South America and arctic foxes in Norway during my studies, in 2022 I completed my PhD in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology at the Sapienza University of Rome. In my doctoral research I largely focused on the implementation of new molecular tools for predator diet determination and investigated the interplay between environmental factors and individual predator traits influencing predation patterns of wolves. As part of the Scandinavian Wolf Research Project SKANDULV for more than five years, my current research spans from wolf predation and scavenging ecology using different techniques, to other aspects regarding the behavior and management of wolves in Scandinavia. I look forward to contributing as a subject editor for Wildlife Biology. 

Keywords: Arctic, Canidae, DNA-methods, Fitness, Ecology, Large carnivores




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