Nikki Glaser’s PETA Ad Is No Joke!

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Comedian, writer, roast master, and vegan Nikki Glaser knows how to “stand up”—both on stage and for what she believes in. Her sharp humor and fearless approach to taboo topics have earned her a reputation as one of comedy’s brightest stars. In her campaign with PETA, she’s not only delivering punchlines but also packing a punch against animal abuse in the fashion industry.

Text reads "Never steal someone else's material' with a naked Nikki Glaser. Text written on Nikki reads "wear your own skin"

The fashion industry’s use of animals’ skin and fur comes at a deadly cost. Every year, industries that sell animal fur, skin, and fleece as clothing slaughter more than a billion animals, who are often kept in hellish conditions on factory farms until they’re violently killed.

“But I know you’re scared because you think you won’t look as cool, without like real leather things, but I promise you that if that’s what your personality is dependent on, you need to go to therapy.”

—Nikki Glaser

PETA entities have conducted scores of investigations exposing cruelty to animals exploited for their skin, hair, and feathers. Videos have revealed that workers hit, kick, and mutilate sheep for their wool; leave sensitive goats with bloody, gaping wounds at mohair and cashmere operations; burn, electroshock, beat, and slaughter cows for leather; yank out the feathers of ducks and geese by the fistful for down; and imprison minks and other animals in filthy wire cages on fur factory farms.

“If you become vegan and you really miss the animal cruelty that you used to once take part in, you know just kick your dog or something. ’Cause it’s literally the same thing. You would never put your dog through what sheep have to go through to give up their wool.”

—Nikki Glaser

Every bit of animal skin, no matter how small, represents the intense suffering of all animals who are killed to make clothing. Every fur coat, every leather shoe, and every snakeskin wallet—it’s all the same because it’s their skin, not ours.

Made from innovative and sustainable materials like pineapple leaves, cork, apples, and recycled plastic, vegan leather offers high-quality sustainability. Wool and cashmere alternatives, including hemp, cotton, bamboo, soybean fiber, Nullarbor (made from coconut), Woocoa (made from coconut and hemp), Tencel (made from wood pulp), banana wool, and recycled polyester (rPET) can all help you stay warm and stylish. By choosing vegan materials over animal-derived ones, consumers can have a positive impact on both animals and the environment.

Vegan Fashion Is No Joke

Nikki’s right—you can still look cool wearing animal-free clothing! By selecting vegan options, you can strut your stuff without the guilt trip. So if you’re ready to kick cruelty to the curb and step into compassionate fashion, check out PETA’s guide on how to wear vegan. Style should never come at the cost of animals’ lives.

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