Old Dog Falls In The Pool, And Her Heroic Pup Friend Comes Running

Julieta Firpo’s dogs, Luna and Caipirinha, are best friends and have been for as long as they can remember. The two have each other’s backs in life no matter what, and a great yet harrowing example of that was caught on the security camera out back of their house.


Image/Story Source Credit: Julieta Firpo via Facebook Video


Luna is a senior dog at 14 years old, and her eyesight is starting to go. She’s not quite as adventurous as before, so it was really strange when she showed up in the house soaking wet from the pool. And then Caipirinha rushed in as wet as could be. So Mom took the to camera footage, and that’s when she saw it…


Image/Story Source Credit: Julieta Firpo via Facebook Video


Luna had fallen into the swimming pool, and Caipirinha came running to help without hesitation. She worked to assist the panicking senior dog to the shallow end of the pool where she was able to pull her to safety by her collar. Caipirinha saved her life — what a hero!

Julieta made plans to block off the pool to prevent this from ever happening again. And thanks to Caipirinha, the dog best friends have more to look forward to in life together!

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