Old Dog Tied To Burned-Down House Waited For Her Owner To Return


There is never an excuse to abandon a pet. If they can’t be cared for, there are humane options to rehome them, yet pet abandonment happens way too often. When Mila, a senior dog, was discovered, she was tied to a burned-down house. It was assumed that she had been there for several weeks. The elderly pup was extremely skinny. The saddest part of her story is that she could have easily slipped out of her loose collar, but she was so obedient that she stayed put, waiting for someone to return for her. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan happened to pass by and rescue Mila. The rescuer then brought her home.


After staying with the Good Samaritan’s family for a week or two, Mila was handed over to a local senior rescue worker named Tiffany, who wanted to help her. When she arrived, she was estimated to be around 14 or 15 years old and was so fragile that she had to be carried out of the van. Despite her condition, Mila was immediately a sweetheart, eager to live and be loved.

To ensure Mila’s health, she was placed in quarantine for a few weeks in a separate part of the house. Initially, she was timid and kept to herself, but as she began to feel better, she started to come out of her shell. Mila found comfort in the company of another hospice senior dog, Noodle, who gave her the courage to feel at home and become more comfortable with Tiffany and her new surroundings.


Mila is very vocal about her needs. She barks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner– and woofs loudly when it’s time for cuddles. She is curious and enjoys being near Tiffany but maintains her independence. Due to her past experiences, Mila still has some food insecurities, so she is fed separately and with a slow feeder to prevent her from devouring everything in front of her.

It is unclear what breed Mila is, but Tiffany describes her as a little old lady who enjoys simple pleasures like drinking tea, knitting, snuggling, and relaxing. When she was first rescued, Mila was diagnosed with lymphoma. She was given days to weeks to live, but she has already surpassed those expectations by three months. Tiffany provides palliative care for Mila every morning, night, and throughout the day, showering her with love and attention.


Each day with Mila is a gift, and Tiffany is intentional in making every moment count. She hopes that by providing love and support, she can ease any bad memories from Mila’s past and create a new story in this final chapter of her life. We are beyond grateful for Mila’s rescue. To see the pup’s full story, check out the video below.

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