Ontario Water Buffalo Company’s Systemic Suffering

Water buffaloes are native to the tropical and subtropical climates of South and Southeast Asia and haven’t adapted to tolerate harsh Canadian winters, despite the company’s boast that its animals are “raised how nature intended.”

water buffaloes forced to stand outside in Canadian winter

During PETA’s visit, one of the owners admitted that some animals had suffered from frostbite, causing them to lose patches of fur. The whistleblower alleged that some of them also lose teats and parts of their ears in the severe cold.

Dr. Mary Richardson, former chair of the Ontario solicitor general’s Animal Care Review Board, viewed the footage and stated, in part, “Not only do the buffalo show signs of physical distress, but the conditions they are kept in are deplorable.” PETA has submitted evidence of apparent violations of the Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act to Ontario’s Animal Welfare Services. Yet five months after the complaint, filth and neglect persisted on the farm, as seen in this footage:

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