Owner Claims His ‘Old-As-Dirt’ Dog Deserves Nothing And Leads Him To Her

When Holden, a dog described by his former owner as “old as dirt,” was seized by the police and ended up in a kill shelter, it seemed like his days were numbered. However, fate had other plans for this resilient canine. A woman named Melissa, who has fostered over 500 dogs, took him in, determined to give him a second chance at life.


Upon examining Holden, the veterinarian discovered a seven-pound tumor attached to his spleen, making it difficult for him to breathe. Although the odds were against him due to his weakened state, the surgery to remove the tumor and spleen was a success, and the tumor was benign.

With the love and care of his foster family, Holden began to thrive. He was introduced to Melissa’s other dogs and quickly became well-tempered with all of them. He also got along with her three-year-old daughter, cat, and husband.


Holden’s foster mom knew that he needed a forever home that could provide him with the attention he deserved. Enter Carole, who had been following Holden’s journey and lived with her Lab mix, Elway. After meeting Carole and sensing her genuine affection, it was clear that she would be the perfect new mom for Holden.

Carole was overjoyed to officially adopt Holden, and the two quickly formed a strong bond. Holden’s tail wagged nonstop as he met his new canine brother, Elway, and explored his new home. Though initially unsure of Elway’s large presence, Holden soon made himself comfortable, even claiming Elway’s bed as his own.


Carole wants nothing more than for Holden to know that he has found his forever home, a place where he will always be loved and cherished. Despite the difficult journey he has been through, Holden’s spirit remains strong, and he continues to thrive in his new, loving environment.

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