PETA Invites Pharrell Williams to Tour Crocodile Farm

Following reports that Pharrell Williams’ collection for Louis Vuitton includes a $1 million made-to-order crocodile-skin bag, PETA sent the singer a letter inviting him to join us on a less-than-luxurious tour of the filthy farms where crocodiles are packed into concrete pits. When several animals are housed together, it’s likely that aggression and injuries will result, and these commonly lead to infections and diseases—conditions that a PETA Asia investigation revealed exist on farms that supply skins to LVMH, Louis Vuitton’s parent company.

Crocodiles are packed into a concrete pit on a farm that supplies skins to LVMH

Crocodiles are packed into a concrete pit on a farm that supplies skins to LVMH. Photo: PETA Asia

PETA let Pharrell know what he’ll need to bring along for the trip, including nose plugs and high boots to wade through fetid, waste-filled water.

There are no blurred lines here. Killing wildlife for a bag isn’t cool—it’s cold. Pharrell should follow the example of compassionate celebrities like singer Billie Eilish, who recently teamed up with Gucci to create the Horsebit 1955 Bag, made with high-end vegan leather that’s better for animals and the planet.

Another PETA Asia investigation revealed that workers at facilities supplying LVMH struck pythons repeatedly on the head, suspended them in the air, inflated their bodies with water, and disemboweled them—even as they still moved about.

Dozens of major designers and retailers, including Calvin Klein, Chanel, Nordstrom, and Selfridges, have removed exotic skins from their products.

PETA will continue to put pressure on LVMH executives until they get the memo that animals are not ours to exploit for handbags, clothing, or anything else. You can join our call:

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