Petition: Demand Australia Enact a Ban on the Domestic Trade of Elephant Ivory and Rhino Horn


Canada’s recent landmark ban on the domestic trade of elephant ivory and rhino horn is a breakthrough for wildlife conservation.

This bold move throws the spotlight on Australia, where despite strict compliance with international agreements, there’s a glaring inconsistency within the country’s borders.

Australia’s states and territories each have their own set of rules regarding wildlife product trade, creating a patchwork of laws that leave these endangered species vulnerable.

Sign this petition to call on the Australian government to enact a unified, nationwide ban on the domestic trade of elephant ivory and rhino horn.

Elephants and rhinos are on the brink, their survival threatened by the relentless demand for their tusks and horns. While Australia plays its part on the global stage, it’s time we address the discrepancies at home.

A cohesive approach across all states and territories will not only strengthen our fight against illegal wildlife trade but also solidify our commitment to these magnificent creatures’ preservation.

The current state of affairs where rules vary from one region to another is untenable.

It’s a loophole that traffickers can, and do, exploit. By aligning our laws nationwide, we can seal these gaps and position Australia as a true leader in the global effort to protect wildlife.

Sign the petition to demand that all Australian jurisdictions come together to prohibit the domestic trade of elephant ivory and rhino horn.

petition button 350px 1 1This article by Mathew Davis was first published by One Green Planet on 18 December 2023. Image Credit :muratart/Shutterstock.

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