Petition: Tell Authorities to Manage Deer Population on Catalina Island with Non-Lethal Methods


On Santa Catalina Island, where children joyfully mistake the local deer for Santa’s reindeer, a controversial proposal to eradicate these animals has caused significant distress among residents and visitors.

This proposal to eliminate the entire deer population by shooting them from helicopters not only threatens the gentle creatures that have captivated the hearts of islanders but also challenges the ecological balance of this unique ecosystem.

Sign this petition to urge the Catalina Island Conservancy and Los Angeles County officials to find humane, non-lethal methods for managing the deer population on Catalina Island.

Introduced nearly a century ago, the deer on Catalina Island have become more than just wildlife; they are a part of the community’s fabric and children’s imaginations. While their growing numbers pose ecological concerns, the solution should respect both the environment and the animals’ welfare. It’s crucial to explore sustainable wildlife management methods that can balance the ecological needs of the island without resorting to inhumane culling.

The deep connection residents share with these deer illustrates the need for a solution that considers the community’s values alongside environmental needs. An eradication plan neglects these cultural and social elements, creating a divide rather than fostering a united approach to ecological stewardship.

Sign the petition to call for ethical and compassionate wildlife management on Catalina Island, protecting its unique biodiversity and the deer cherished by the community.

petition button 350px 1 1This article by Mathew Davis was first published by One Green Planet on 24 December 2023. Image Credit :Ian McDermod/Shutterstock.

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