Petition: Tell Iceland to Ban Commercial Whaling

Vacationers on a cruise ship were reminded of the horrors of whaling when they took port at Faroe Islands in the midst of a whale slaughter.

The 1,000+ passengers entered the bay to find red waters and whalers rounding up the majestic animals to be hunted.

However bloody and tragic the Faroe Islands whaling may seem, it is ultimately done for subsistence, which means the local community there use the whales to survive.

Commercial whaling is not the same as subsistence whaling: it is actually infinitely worse, because the entire goal is profit. Yet, commercial whaling is still perfectly legal in Iceland.

Sign now to demand that Iceland ban commercial whaling for good!

Whales are incredibly intelligent, playful creatures. They communicate and socialize in complex ways, and some whales are even known for producing bubble rings or bubble nets to forage for food. Clearly these magnificent sea creatures can feel pain and deserve safety from brutal slaughter for profit.

No whales should be killed in order to make a handful of human beings rich. Iceland must stand up and commit to ending commercial whaling! If you agree, sign the petition now to protect the whales!

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What you can do

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This article by Mathew Davis was first published by One Green Planet on 11 December 2023. Image Credit :Rui Duarte/Shutterstock.

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