President Geoffrey Haskett Champions BIDEH Rule & Funding For National Wildlife Refuges — The National Wildlife Refuge Association

The Refuge Association urges Congress to prioritize the Refuge System and address these funding challenges. Robust investments are essential to equip the USFWS with the resources to implement the BIDEH rule effectively and ensure these protected areas remain havens for wildlife for generations.

The Refuge Association submitted detailed written testimony to the House Committee on Natural Resources outlining our position on the BIDEH rule and the critical need for increased funding. You can access the full testimony here.

How You Can Help:

The National Wildlife Refuge Association stands firmly behind a healthy and robust National Wildlife Refuge System. The BIDEH rule is a positive step in the right direction for national wildlife refuges. However, for the BIDEH rule to be successful, adequate funding and staffing levels are required. The Refuge Association will continue to be a relentless advocate for national wildlife refuges, and we will stop at nothing to ensure they have the resources they need to thrive.

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