Public Witness Day Call to Action! — The National Wildlife Refuge Association

The National Wildlife Refuge System (Refuge System) is a cornerstone of American conservation, protecting millions of acres of critical habitat for countless species. But these vital lands face challenges, and you can play a crucial role in securing their future!

Public Witness Day is approaching, and it’s your chance to advocate for increased funding for the Refuge System directly. This appropriations funding is essential for addressing critical issues like:

  • Staffing Shortages: Dedicated staff are the backbone of the Refuge System, managing lands, conducting research, and educating the public. Staffing shortages limit the Refuge System’s ability to protect wildlife and habitats effectively.

  • Resource Limitations: Maintaining vast landscapes requires resources for habitat restoration, infrastructure upkeep, and scientific monitoring. Funding shortfalls hinder the Refuge System’s ability to care for these ecosystems properly.

This Public Witness Day, raise your voice for the Refuge System by submitting written testimony to Congress. Here’s how:

Target Your Testimony:

Important Note: While the content of your message can be similar for both committees, there are slight differences in formatting requirements. We recommend submitting separate written testimonies in Word documents for the House and Senate committees.

  • The House Committee accepts PDFs, but the Senate Committee does not.

  • Each committee may have slightly different header information requirements.

Who Can Submit Testimony?

Refuge Friends groups and individual supporters of the Refuge System are both welcome to submit written testimony. However, to avoid duplication of efforts, we kindly ask that each Refuge Friends group submit only one written testimony approved by the organization’s board or leadership.

Crafting Your Message:

Here are some tips to craft impactful testimony:

  • Personalize it! Share a story about a favorite national wildlife refuge you’ve visited, the wildlife you care about, or why healthy ecosystems matter to you.

  • Highlight the importance of the Refuge System. Briefly explain why the Refuge System as a whole is vital for wildlife conservation and the health of our environment.

  • Express your support for increased funding. Explain how adequate funding can address staffing shortages and resource limitations.

  • Keep it concise and respectful. Aim for 1-2 pages and maintain a professional, but heartfelt tone.

We’ve Got Your Back! To help you create your compelling testimony, we’ve provided some helpful resources:

Public support is critical for securing the funding the National Wildlife Refuge System needs. By submitting your testimony, you’ll be joining a chorus of voices advocating for these irreplaceable lands. Take action today! Let Congress know that you stand with the National Wildlife Refuge System. Thank you for all you do for national wildlife refuges.

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