Puppy With ‘Alien Features’ Gives Thanks To Girl Who Doesn’t Judge Him

Meet Malcolm, a tiny puppy with a big personality and an even bigger heart. Born with hydrocephalus, a condition that causes his head to be larger than normal, Malcolm has faced challenges from the start. But this little pup has proven that he is more than just a cute face, and his journey to find a loving forever home is an inspiring story of hope, love, and resilience. Malcolm’s story begins at a rescue center that specializes in caring for dogs with hydrocephalus. The staff at the rescue has a soft spot for these special pups, and they were determined to find Malcolm the perfect forever home. Despite his condition, Malcolm is a happy and energetic puppy who quickly became a favorite among the staff and other dogs at the rescue.


Over the six weeks that Malcolm spent at the rescue, he developed a cheeky and bossy personality that charmed everyone he met. He even became the self-appointed guardian of the patio door, refusing to let anyone in without an invitation. As Malcolm’s confidence grew, it became clear that he was ready for the next chapter in his life: finding a forever home.

The rescue received an amazing application for Malcolm, and the staff knew that they had found the perfect family for him. The family, which included Charlie, Vanessa, their 14-year-old daughter Katie June, and their three French bulldogs, Sweetie Belle, Ruby Mae, and Sherman, were excited to welcome Malcolm into their lives. Katie June, in particular, was thrilled about the prospect of having a new furry friend to keep her company.


The day of Malcolm’s adoption was bittersweet for the rescue staff, who had grown to love the little pup. But they knew he was going to a wonderful family where he would be loved and cherished. When Malcolm arrived at his new home, he was greeted with excitement and open arms by his new tribe.

Despite some initial nervousness, Malcolm quickly bonded with his new siblings, especially the mellow and easygoing Sherman. Malcolm also formed a special connection with Sweetie Belle, whom he became obsessed with. Even the neurotic Ruby Mae eventually warmed up to the little pup, becoming a mother figure to him.


As Malcolm settled into his new home, his loving and sensitive nature shone through, and he became a cherished member of the family. His adoptive family considers welcoming Malcolm into their lives as one of the most rewarding experiences they have ever had, and they are looking forward to all the love, joy, and wonder that their little pup will bring.

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