Quincy Massachusetts Man Arrested After Lighting Raccoon on Fire


On Royal Street in Quincy, Massachusetts, Andrew Chieu was apprehended by the police on charges of animal cruelty after allegedly setting a raccoon on fire.

The horrifying episode came to light when officers responded to a heated argument between two neighbors, ultimately discovering a caged raccoon displaying burn injuries.

Source: CBS Boston/YouTube

According to police reports, a video of the incident captured Chieu constructing a fire in a tin can before placing the raccoon trap on it, subjecting the helpless animal to flames.

The accused was subsequently charged with cruelty to animals and appeared in Quincy District Court for arraignment on Tuesday.

The New England Wildlife Center reported that the raccoon, although alive, is in critical condition, suffering from severe burns on its stomach, back, and paws.

Dr. Greg Mertz from the center expressed concern, stating, “I’m guessing that these burns are probably 30% of the body. So we are kind of limited on what we can do.”

The center’s treatment plan involves administering anti-inflammatories, anti-pain medications, antibiotics, and periodic examinations, along with the application of ointments.

Rescuers anticipate a lengthy recovery process, estimating up to five months for the raccoon to fully heal from the traumatic incident. The New England Wildlife Center is committed to providing the necessary care to ensure the animal’s well-being and rehabilitation.

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This article by Trinity Sparke was first published by One Green Planet on 5 January 2024. Image Credit: Marigor/Shutterstock.



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