Retriever Rewards His Mom For Taking A Bath, Mom Rewards Him Back

Finn, a lovable Golden Retriever, has a unique and endearing hobby that has captured his mama’s heart. This playful pup has an irresistible urge to drop his toys into the bathtub whenever he hears the water running. From socks and stuffed toys to tennis balls, Finn finds great joy in bringing gifts to the tub, much to the amusement and occasional frustration of his mom, Lucy.


When Finn hears the water running, he is always the first one in the bathroom, eager to participate in the ritual. Lucy finds his behavior endearing, but it can also be disruptive to her alone time. In an attempt to curb Finn’s bathtub obsession, Lucy tried various solutions, such as closing the bathroom door, distracting him with other toys, and even having her husband call Finn out of the bathroom. Unfortunately, none of these methods seemed to work.


Lucy was determined to find a solution that would allow her to enjoy her baths in peace while still indulging Finn’s love for water and toys. That’s when she came up with the brilliant idea of getting Finn his very own bathtub. After searching for the perfect tub, she finally found one that she thought would suit Finn’s needs.

When the tub arrived, both Finn and his mom were excited to open it up and set it up outside. As soon as it was ready, Finn couldn’t wait to jump in and start playing with his toys. He seemed absolutely thrilled to have his own space to splash around and enjoy his favorite pastime.


To Lucy’s delight, Finn’s new tub seemed to be the perfect solution. With his own space to play, Finn began to leave her alone during her baths, allowing her to finally relax and enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet. Of course, there are still moments when Finn can’t resist joining in on the fun, but overall, his new tub has been a game-changer for the both of them.

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