San Diego Padres Plan to Host a Violent Rodeo—Take Action Now!

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Even though rodeos are dangerous to bulls, horses, and humans, the San Diego Padres have decided to host one for the first time ever in Petco Park history. Please join PETA in urging the team’s leadership to cancel this cruel and potentially deadly spectacle and commit to never hosting any rodeo.

Bulls are intelligent animals who have a keen sense of direction and are able to navigate their way across vast landscapes to find food and water sources. In rodeos, they’re zapped with electric hotshots so that they’ll charge out of a chute and “perform” for a paying audience. Calves’ necks are twisted as the animals are violently slammed to the ground, and horses are viciously spurred into bucking. During rodeos, animals have often sustained punctured lungs, deep internal organ bruising, hemorrhaging, ripped tendons, torn ligaments and muscles, snapped necks, and broken ribs, backs, or legs. Many have died.

Please use the form below to urge the Padres to cancel the upcoming rodeo and commit to never hosting any rodeo!

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