Senior Dog Predicted To Lose Her Babies Labors In Woman’s Hand


When Sugar Mama, a senior Pit Bull, arrived at her new foster home, her future seemed uncertain. With a large belly and well past her prime, there was a high chance that her unborn puppies might not make it. However, her dedicated foster parent, Briana, was determined to help Sugar Mama through this difficult journey, and the incredible bond they formed led to a miraculous outcome for the entire family.


From the moment Sugar Mama entered her foster home, it was evident that she was not feeling well. She was not eating or drinking, which raised concerns about her ability to make it through labor. Briana decided to spend the nights with her, providing comfort and support as she went into labor. Sugar Mama gave birth to three puppies – aptly named Cane, Cookie, and Cube – each with their own unique challenges.


Cane, the largest of the litter, was born without any complications. On the other hand, Cookie appeared stillborn and required extra stimulation to start breathing. Cube struggled the most, gasping for air for a full hour before finally stabilizing. Through it all, Briana was there to provide care and support for both the mother and her newborns.

During the first 24 hours, Briana had to milk Sugar Mama’s nipples every hour and share the milk among the three puppies. By day two, concerns began to arise as Sugar Mama was not producing enough milk and still not eating or drinking herself. On day four, the veterinarian confirmed that she had no milk and was too ill to care for her puppies.


This revelation led Briana to take on the responsibility of bottle-feeding the three puppies. For the next four weeks, she slept on the couch with the puppies in a nearby crib, waking up every two hours to feed them and help them go to the bathroom. The puppies thrived under Briana’s care, quickly gaining weight and showing no signs of their earlier struggles.

As the puppies grew, Sugar Mama began to recover. Within 24 hours of being separated from her puppies, she started eating, drinking, and acting like a normal dog. Her health improved, her hair grew back, and she began to gain weight. As for the puppies, Cane, now named Bruce, and Cookie, both found their foster-to-adopt homes, while Cube continued searching for his home but Briana has no doubt that he will find a home soon, with applications pouring in.


Sugar Mama’s story is incredible. Vets predicted she would lose all of her pups due to her advanced age. But these babies are now thriving thanks to a determined mama and a kind human who opened her heart and home to a doggy family in need.

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