Shelter Dog Tries To Lure Adopters In With Friendly Face And Love For Toys


When animal shelters are overpopulated, dogs and cats can wait a long time for a loving home. We must do our part to share stories like this one to find every animal the life they deserve. A shelter volunteer hopes for a miracle as shelter dog Kylie has been searching for her forever home for the past three years. Kylie, a Shepherd mix with a hint of Boxer in her features, has had a difficult journey. After a tough pregnancy that required a C-section, her family could no longer afford to care for her, and she was surrendered to a shelter in Spokane, Washington.


Despite all her puppies finding homes, Kylie has struggled to find the right fit. In an attempt to increase her chances, she was transferred to the Benton-Franklin Humane Society in Kennewick, Washington. There, a volunteer named Julie has been working tirelessly for the past two years to help Kylie find her perfect match.

Julie has been volunteering at animal shelters since she was 13 years old. She initially wanted to become a veterinarian but struggled with science and math, so she turned her passion for animals into volunteering. Julie has formed a close bond with Kylie, often sitting with her in her kennel and providing her with toys and treats.


One of the challenges Kylie faces in finding a forever home is her lack of compatibility with other animals. It is believed that her time in the shelter has led her to become uncomfortable around other pets, making it difficult for her to find a home with existing pets. This poses a significant obstacle, as most animal lovers already have a dog or cat in their household.

However, Kylie is extremely comfortable meeting new people and enjoys human interaction. Julie has witnessed her excitement when meeting new individuals, showing that she would thrive in a home with a loving family. Unfortunately, the area where Kylie is currently located has a significant homeless pet overpopulation problem, making it difficult for her to stand out among the many animals in need of a home.


Despite these challenges and the length of time she’s been in the shelter system, Julie still remains hopeful that Kylie will find the perfect fit. She is grateful that Kylie is at the Benton-Franklin Humane Society, as other shelters in the area might have already euthanized her due to her prolonged stay. Julie believes that Kylie deserves an incredible home and is determined to help her find it.

In the meantime, Julie continues to shower Kylie with love, attention, and toys, making her time in the shelter as comfortable as possible. She even hopes to get Kylie a doggy DNA kit to determine her exact breed, which may help in finding her a home. For now, Julie remains optimistic and committed to helping Kylie find the loving family she greatly deserves.

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