Shelter Pittie Keeps Making His Bed To Show He ‘Deserved’ To Be Adopted


Living in a shelter as an unnoticed dog is a challenging experience, especially for a friendly and affectionate dog like Rush. Rush, a lovable Pittie, was initially brought in as a stray to the SICSA Pet Adoption & Wellness Center in Dayton, Ohio. After being adopted once, he was sadly returned to the shelter, and since then, he’s been longing for a forever family. His desire to find a permanent home was so intense that he decided to do something extraordinary! Life in the shelter without a stable home must have been tough for Rush. Each time someone visited the shelter, his hopes soared, only to be dashed when they left with another dog.


Image/Story Source Credit: SICSA Pet Adoption & Wellness Center via YouTube Video


Yet, Rush remained hopeful and upbeat, dispelling the negative stereotypes often associated with Pitties. Then, Rush did something he had never done before. He took a bed sheet in his mouth and neatly arranged it around his bed, making it look inviting. The SICSA volunteers were astounded when they witnessed Rush’s adorable act.

Leah, a volunteer, captured a video of Rush making his bed, and it quickly went viral. The video touched millions worldwide, eliciting heartwarming responses and melting hearts everywhere. Rush’s bed-making became a daily routine, and soon enough, a family was about to enter his life. Leah’s video was a game-changer for Rush, as adoption applications started flooding in.

Image/Story Source Credit: SICSA Pet Adoption & Wellness Center via YouTube Video


Among the applicants were a couple from Dayton, Ohio, whom the SICSA staff adored – Angie and Ronnie Wallace. The Wallaces had recently lost their dog to a degenerative disease and weren’t initially considering adoption. But Rush’s video changed their minds.

Ronnie recalls, “She said ‘I think I want him,’ and I said ‘Okay.’”

When they visited the facility to meet Rush, an immediate connection was formed. Rush joyfully embraced his new parents, excited to leave his kennel for good. Despite his newfound happiness, Rush never forgot his past.


Image/Story Source Credit: SICSA Pet Adoption & Wellness Center via YouTube Video


His mom arranged for him to visit his former caretakers, which Rush thoroughly enjoyed, distributing sweet kisses to everyone. Jessie, Rachel, Sydney, and his foster parents, Allison and Mike, were overjoyed to see Rush so content and thriving after so long.

Click the video below and let’s watch Rush’s journey and happy ending!

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