Sherlyn’s Plea to End Bull Torture


The Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a time to honor and remember loved ones who have passed away. It’s a deeply rooted tradition in Mexico, characterized by vibrant ofrendas (offerings), marigolds, and heartfelt tributes for those who have left this world. This Día de Muertos, actor and singer Sherlyn joined PETA Latino in urging everyone to reflect on the horrors of bullfighting—and on the lives of its victims—and to take a stand to end this barbaric spectacle.

Bulls are not mere commodities or objects to be used for entertainment. They are sensitive, intelligent individuals who enjoy solving complex problems and playing games with other members of their herd. It’s astounding that torturing and killing bulls in arenas is legal anywhere, but eight countries still allow this archaic and bloody spectacle: Colombia, Ecuador, France, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Spain, and Venezuela.

Just like us, bulls have dreams and the desire to live free from violence and suffering. Yet bullfighting subjects them to unbearable torture before ruthlessly killing them. In this ritualistic murder, armed cowards wield swords and lances against a confused, maimed, physically weakened, and psychologically tormented bull. It’s a gruesome and dishonorable spectacle that must be consigned to history.

This Día de Muertos, let us honor the memory of bulls killed in the bloody bullfighting industry. They were all individuals who had names, personalities, identities, and families.”


Honor Their Memories: End Bloody Bullfights

Join Sherlyn and let this Día de Muertos be a time for reflection and action as we honor bullfighting’s victims and work to have this revolting abuse permanently banned from the modern arena. The most direct way to oppose bullfighting is to refuse to support it. Never purchase a ticket to a bullfight or attend one. If you live in a country that still allows bullfighting, contact your government representatives. Urge them to outlaw this cruel practice and end the suffering of the magnificent animals it tortures and kills. And because all these countries count on income from tourism—and countries with a reputation for cruelty aren’t popular tourist destinations—you don’t need to live there to call for an end to this barbaric spectacle:


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