Smiley Girl Stuck In Shelter For Over 200 Days Has Astounding Backstory


While we are grateful that shelter dogs are off the street and out of harm’s way, it breaks our hearts knowing they’re stuck in a kennel waiting for a new home. Some dogs, like the one in this story, spend months or even years behind shelter walls. One dog, affectionately known as ‘Yas Queen’, has spent over 200 days waiting for a forever family, and it baffles shelter staff. She’s a happy dog with a winning smile. Despite her backstory, she holds no grudges and loves humans.

Animal Care Centers NYC (ACC)/Facebook

Yas Queen was left behind in a New York City apartment after her owner was evicted. Instead of taking her with him or rehoming her, he left her to perish without food or water. Thankfully she was found and the authorities intervened. She was taken to Animal Care Shelters NYC (ACC) where she still remains.

Animal Care Centers NYC (ACC)/Facebook

On Yas Queen’s adoption page, ACC, a staff member wrote: “Yas Girl is a beautiful brown girl with perky ears that tilt with her head as I speak to her. She has made strides gaining confidence in the shelter with us and it has been a pleasure seeing her blossom into a friendly and playful girl. She enjoys playing with toys and pets.”

A volunteer said, “We have cherished this extraordinary girl for far too long now- it’s nuts that people keep overlooking her!” Another staff member added, “She’s my favorite!” It’s obvious that Yas Queen has paid her dues and is ready for her forever home. If you or someone you know is interested in meeting Yas Queen and giving her a fresh start, click this link for ACC’s info. We are rooting for you, pup!

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