Someone Dumped This Floppy, Wrinkly Queen Covered In Boo-Boos

Miss Molly, a beautiful and gentle dog, had a rough start in life. She was bred and then dumped, leaving her with physical and emotional scars. Molly’s mom, Mary Jane, discovered her through a link to Road Dogs, a rescue organization that had taken Molly in from a shelter. At the time, Molly was suffering from mange and various other issues, but Mary Jane knew she was the one.


Mary Jane had recently lost her Pug, and her sister sent her a link to Road Dogs, suggesting she check out a Pug they had up for adoption. Instead, Mary Jane saw Miss Molly, a Bulldog, and felt an instant connection. Molly was only 18 months old at the time, but her physical appearance made her look much older due to the scars covering her body.

Once approved for adoption, Mary Jane and her husband drove to California to pick up Miss Molly. They didn’t hesitate to make the long journey, as they felt it was no different than rescuing a stranded child. The drive back home was a heavenly experience for Mary Jane, who spent seven hours staring at her new furry family member.


Miss Molly was initially very wounded and afraid, having never lived in a home before. Mary Jane felt a strong sense of protection for her and was determined to give her the quality of life she deserved. It took time and patience to help Molly overcome her anxiety and learn to trust her new family.

Now, Miss Molly is a loving and mellow dog who adores meeting new people. Despite her scars and rough past, she has a sweet and friendly demeanor that surprises many who meet her. She patiently waits for her food and treats, leaving a puddle of drool in anticipation.


Miss Molly has come a long way since her days at the shelter, and her journey is proof that through love and devotion, anything is possible! The precious dog is now a cherished member of her family. She is a constant shadow to her loving mom, whom she follows everywhere she goes.

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