Southport, North Carolina

Sec. 3-10. Prohibited acts.

It shall be unlawful for any person within the city to do any of the following:

(9) To tether, fasten, tie, or restrain an animal, or cause such restraining of an animal to any object during periods of which tethering is unlawful. Periods of lawful tethering shall be temporary in nature and may only occur during the daylight hours between dawn and dusk. Lawful tethering shall not be misconstrued to permit the practice of continuous tethering of a dog as a method of restraint or confinement. An animal may be tethered, subject to the requirements of subsection (10) in the following circumstances:

a. For a maximum of three (3) hours per day while unattended.

b. When the animal’s caretaker is outside and within eyesight of the animal.

c. Lawful animal event (such as a show or sporting event).

d. When meeting the requirements of a camping or recreation facility.

e. Law enforcement activities.

f. After taking possession of a dog that appears to be a stray dog and after having advised animal protective services of the stray.

g. Tethering does not include restraint of a dog on an attended leash.

(10) During periods of lawful tethering, the following requirements shall apply:

a.Tethers must be made of rope, cord, cable, or similar material with a swivel on one (1) end and is at least ten (10) feet in length, with swivels on both ends and which does not exceed ten (10) percent of the dog’s body weight. The use of any kind of chain, as a part of a tethering devise, is not allowed.

b. All collars or harnesses used for the purpose of the lawful tethering of a dog must be made of fabric or leather.

c. No person shall tether a dog or cause such attachment to, any collar other than a buckle-type collar or body harness.

d. No person shall tether a dog or cause such attachment to, a head harness, choke-type collar, or pronged collar.

e. No person shall tether a dog where the weight of the tethering device and the collar combined exceeds ten (10) percent of the dog’s body weight.

f. No person shall tether with any device to a dog in such a manner that does not allow the dog continual access to adequate food, water and shelter.

g. Trolley systems. The length of the cable along which the tethering device can move must be at least ten (10) feet, and the tethering device must be of such length that the dog is able to move freely from the cable perpendicularly and attached in such a manner as to prevent strangulation or other injury to the dog and entanglement with objects.

h. No person shall tether a sick, diseased and/or injured dog, or puppy (a dog that is one (1) year of age or younger).

i. To tether a dog to a stationary object that would allow the dog to come within five (5) feet of any property line.

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