Spotted Black Snake Discovered Chilling in Queensland Toilet

Ah, Australia, the land of adorable fuzzy creatures like koalas and quokkas, but also of terrifying (but important) creatures like crocodiles and spiders the size of your hand. Recently, one Queensland resident had an unexpected run-in with a scaly local. After entering a public toilet, the person was shocked to discover that a spotted black snake had managed to make their way into the toilet bowl. Alarmed, they called a snake catcher for help corralling the reptile.

The Capture

Snake catcher and wildlife expert Tennille Banks arrived to help capture and relocate the spotted black snake. They are also known as Blue-bellied Black Snakes. These large snakes are venomous and can easily reach lengths surpassing four feet.

The snake had made its way into the bowl of a public toilet in Goondiwindi. The snake was likely looking for frogs, which are an important food source for both the spotted black snake and its cousin the red-bellied black snake. Frogs may often be found in public toilets. This is particularly true after storms in the area. It is also possible that the venomous snake was simply looking for a drink or a cool place to hang out.

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A video posted to the TikTok account @wildlargrbi shows how she wrangled the spotted black snake. She carefully approaches the toilet cubicle, armed with a snake hook and a bag to contain the creature. Carefully, she lifts the toilet lid. The large spotted black snake can be seen coiled inside. Banks then gently uses the snake hook to coax the spotted black snake into the special bag. At one point, the snake appears to try to crawl back into the toilet, but the snake catcher corals it back into the bag.

Once the snake is completely in the bag, Banks moves out of the toilet cubicle and secures the bag by twisting it. Although the spotted black snake makes a bid for freedom, she can coral it back into the bag. Once the snake has been trapped, the video cuts to show it being released back into the wild. Quickly, it slithers from the back to a fallen tree.

Is This Common?

According to Banks, snakes find their way into public toilets fairly frequently. In 2023, several stories about this type of reptilian encounter made headlines. A rat snake was discovered in a Texas bathroom, while an Arizona homeowner discovered a coachwhip snake who had made themselves at home in her toilet. In Thailand, a huge python got comfy in the plumbing. Finding a snake in the toilet is not just the stuff of horror movies!

What To Do If You Encounter a Snake

Encountering a snake can be scary. After all, they bite! Many snakes are also venomous, making them especially dangerous. While it may be tempting to freak out, snake catcher Tennille Banks says that generally, the best course of action is to leave the snake alone. Many snakes will become aggressive if threatened, making it more likely that they will bite.

Instead of attempting to wrangle a snake on your own, it is best to seek assistance from a trained wildlife professional.

If you or someone else is bitten by a snake, seek immediate emergency medical attention. Even bites from non-venomous snakes can be quite dangerous due to the risk of infection.

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