Swan Suffering From Severe Bite Wounds is Rescued [Video]

Recently, Wildlife Aid received reports of an injured swan that lived in a local park.

They arrived on the scene and were shocked by how horrible the swan’s injury was. His neck was covered in blood with a huge bite wound around it.

The wound left the swan weak, but not so weak that he couldn’t try to avoid getting caught.

Rescuers worked for hours, even having to replace the broken propeller on their boat to catch the swan.

Finally, the poor swan was tired out and able to be caught in the reeds. By the time they got him back to the animal hospital, he had no energy left.

After resting for a bit, they were able to clean the wounds and eventually, suture them so they could heal properly.

It took some time and treatment to help the swan recover, but he’s doing so much better now!

He has perked up and is like a whole new swan. After a bit more rest and healing, he’ll be able to return to the wild!

This article by Shelby Hettler was first published by One Green Planet on 1 April 2024. Image Credit : © Jack Bushong eBird S35818554 Macaulay Library ML 53961801.

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