Tell Shiver Outdoor & Archery to Cancel Cruel Hunting Event!


Georgia business Shiver Outdoor & Archery is reportedly planning to host its first annual “Critter Round Up” on April 5 and 6. Apparently, participants in this cruel contest would vie to win money and other prizes for gunning down the most armadillos, opossums, and raccoons. Such gruesome spectacles incentivize terrorizing hapless animals and mowing them down with bullets or arrows. Organizers deem the animals, who are simply trying to exist, “pests” and schedule these atrocities even during spring baby-rearing months, when animals are especially vulnerable, tearing wild families apart and leaving orphaned young to starve.

Your help is urgently needed. Please speak out against this massacre by politely urging the business and a sponsor to cancel this cruel event:

Shiver Outdoor & Archery
[email protected]


Shiver Lumber (offering prizes of free lumber to contest winners)
[email protected]


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