The Most Common Owl in Britain is Hardly Ever Seen

Celebrated more than any other avian species, Tawny Owls remain elusive, scarcely gracing us with their presence.

This species, Britain’s most common leads a predominantly nocturnal existence, despite there being roughly 50,000 breeding pairs in the UK.

But, while they might be out of sight, they are far from being out of mind (and ear).

These remarkable birds, famous for their “tu-whit, to-whoo” duet, serve as a constant reminder of the mysteries lurking in the darkness of the British countryside.

As autumn descends upon England and winter fast approaches, the hushed nocturnal beauty of the landscape comes alive with the resonating sounds of tawny owls, an incredibly vocal species.

Their calls become a symphony of territorial disputes as resident pairs seek to protect their breeding grounds from young intruders.

The intensity of their calls is so intense that, on occasion, they break the silence of the day, with the male hooting even during daylight hours.

While these birds typically remain concealed in the shroud of night, there are moments when we are granted the privilege of witnessing them in the daylight.

But, this rare occurrence is often fleeting.

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This article by Trinity Sparke was first published by One Green Planet on 16 October 2023. Image Credit :Dave Head/Shutterstock.

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