The road to success and the fences to be crossed

Submitted by editor on 22 December 2023. Get the paper!

As humans encroach into wild spaces, so too does our infrastructure. It is well known that linear infrastructure such as roads, fences, and power lines pose as barriers to wildlife movement, by both physical and behavioural means. However, what is more uncertain is if these barriers are intensified or weakened where multiple differing kinds of infrastructure are present. Considering only roads as a barrier could vitally dismiss the contributions of other linear infrastructure to wildlife movement, potentially concealing the realistic capabilities of wildlife to move throughout a landscape.

In our paper, we investigated how roads, fences, and wildlife road-crossing structures influenced the movement of two species in Doñana National Park: red deer (Cervus elaphus) and wild boar (Sus scrofa). The movement of these species was differentially affected dependant on the combination of infrastructure modelled, highlighting the importance of taking a holistic approach.

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