They Open Door To Dog Who Belongs To Neighbor, But Neighbor Denies She’s His

On a warm summer day, a couple heard a commotion on their porch. When they opened the door, a beautiful German Shepherd stood before them. She looked helpless and heartbroken. As the couple approached the pup, she was happy to see them and gave them kisses. The dog looked familiar. She belonged to their neighbor. They put out some food and water, then made their way over to their neighbor’s house. The husband knocked, but no one answered. He looked around and saw they had moved out.


The dog, named Lada, was in obvious distress. The couple asked around for the neighbor’s phone number. When they called, he denied the dog belonged to him, but the couple knew the truth. They decided to care for her, but when they went back to help her, she vanished into the woods nearby. Worried for her well-being, the couple searched everywhere for her, but she was nowhere to be found. They prayed she would come back safe and sound.


Days went by and there was still no sign of Lada. The couple continued to put food and water on their porch, hoping the dog would show up again. Thankfully, a few weeks later, she did! But now she was emaciated! What happened to the poor girl? As the couple examined Lada and gave her pets for being a good dog, they saw tiny figures standing nearby. Lada had given birth to puppies!

Play the video below to find out what happens next in this moving tale. We are so thankful for the loving couple and their compassionate hearts! As for the owner who abandoned his dog, shame on him!

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