This Pup Was All Alone After His Owner Died Until You Helped Him Find Happiness

When you shop at the iHeartDogs store, part of that profit goes to Greater Good Charities. Greater Good Charities helps a variety of animal organizations, especially through its GOODS Program, which donates food and other essential supplies to animals in need. Those donations can be life-saving for many rescue animals. Snooky is one of the many dogs whose life has changed for the better because of the GOODS Program.

Sadly, Snooky experienced unexpected hardship when his human suddenly died. None of his owner’s family members wanted him, so he was pushed to the side and often forgotten. A neighbor noticed that Snooky wasn’t getting proper care, so they reached out to Horse and Hound Rescue in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

When Snooky arrived at the rescue, he was scared and hungry. He spent most of his time hiding during the first few days, which was understandable considering he was grieving, and it was a big change. He missed his human and just wanted to be loved.

Luckily, the rescue was very patient with Snooky, which allowed him to slowly come out of his shell. He found a favorite bed to nap in, and he seemed less scared once he realized that everyone at the rescue was kind and loved animals.

Dog at Horse and Hound Rescue

Snooky Finds Happiness Again

Now, Snooky has come out of his shell a lot since arriving at the rescue. He’s a happy, healthy little guy who always runs to the door to greet humans. It’s amazing what love can do for a dog in need.

Horse and Hound Rescue receives donations from the GOODS Program, so the healthy food they received helped them provide for Snooky. Plus, getting food donations also allows them to focus their funds on other areas of care, such as medical needs, helping them rescue even more animals.

“Indescribable – without the help of the GOODS Program we could not provide for the dogs in the rescue,” Horse and Hound Rescue wrote.

If you buy products from the iHeartDogs store, you’re helping dogs like Snooky get a second chance at life. Even small purchases can make a difference for animal rescues. So, thank you to the heroes who have made an impact with their purchases.

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