Top U.S. Ad Agency Pledges Not to Use Breathing-Impaired Dog Breeds

After meeting with PETA, Hill Holliday—one of the largest ad agencies in the U.S.—joined the Ad Council, Leo Burnett Chicago, Ogilvy, Wieden+Kennedy, Wunderman Thompson, and many other major ad agencies in not using images of pugs, bulldogs, or other flat-faced dog breeds in newly produced ads! These dogs are purposely bred to have deformities that cause them to struggle to breathe, run, and play—just to achieve a particular look—and breeding them exacerbates the homeless-animal crisis, in which around 70 million dogs and cats are homeless in the U.S. at any given time. We urge everyone to learn more about the companion animal overpopulation crisis and pledge never to buy dogs from breeders, pet stores, or puppy mills.

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