Unveiling the Untamed Wonders of Izembek National Wildlife Refuge — The National Wildlife Refuge Association

Despite its clear ecological significance, Izembek NWR faces a looming threat. The proposal to build a road through its heart, sacrificing critical habitats and threatening its delicate balance, poses an imminent danger. The proposed road would cut through the refuge’s pristine designated wilderness and thriving wetlands, leaving a trail of long-term degradation behind.

The landscapes of Izembek NWR hold stories of the Pacific brant navigating the skies and eelgrass carpets swaying in the embrace of the lagoon, sheltering spawning Pacific herring, sea otters, and harbor seals. It is our collective responsibility to protect and cherish this ecological treasure, ensuring that future generations can witness the diversity of life that thrives here.

The National Wildlife Refuge Association invites you to join us in our mission to safeguard the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge, where timeless and untouched nature can still be seen. As guardians of the National Wildlife Refuge System and the wildlife within it, we are committed to protecting Izembek National Wildlife Refuge for generations to come. Your support matters greatly, and your contribution will play a vital role in preventing threats to this irreplaceable national wildlife refuge.

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