Urge Moncler Group to Stop Selling Down

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Italian fashion house Moncler Group, which owns brands Moncler and Stone Island, is selling jackets stuffed with the down feathers of slaughtered birds. Birds need their feathers—humans don’t. Please join us in calling on Moncler Group to ditch down!

Shocking investigations by PETA entities have shown the nightmare that birds are condemned to when they’re exploited by the down industry. They’re typically forced to live in filthy, feces-filled lots or sheds, where they’re often denied the opportunity to engage in their most natural and important behavior—such as bathing, swimming, flying, and foraging—before they’re shoved into crates for a grueling journey to the slaughterhouse. There, many birds are inadequately stunned before their throats are cut, so they’re often conscious when they’re dumped into defeathering tanks full of scalding-hot water.

PETA Asia investigators visited duck farms and slaughterhouses in Vietnam connected to companies and brands that sell “responsible” down—including Moncler Group’s Stone Island—exposing the terror birds endure in these facilities. As seen in the investigative footage, workers mercilessly stab ducks, slit conscious birds’ throats, and cut the feet off live birds.

Ducks and geese are social and outgoing, and they’re happiest when they’re with their families. These intelligent, complex beings swim and fly together in formation. They can feel fear and pain, as humans do, and also want to enjoy their lives free of suffering.

A growing number of clothing companies now use entirely animal-free fabrics to create top-notch fashions, and many companies—including SMCP, ascena, Napapijri, and ASOS—have ditched feathers. It’s time Moncler Group did the same. Please urge it to help prevent birds from suffering and dying by banning down.

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