Urge Ralph Lauren to Stop Selling Cashmere!

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PETA Asia’s latest investigation into the cashmere industry in Mongolia, where Ralph Lauren sources cashmere, revealed egregious cruelty to goats. The company banned angora in 2016, fur in 2017, and mohair in 2018, yet it still sells clothing made of animal-derived cashmere. It’s high time Ralph Lauren stopped profiting from goats’ suffering.

The investigation, which included operations that claim to produce “sustainable” and “responsible” cashmere, revealed goats screaming in terror as workers pinned them down, twisted their sensitive legs, and ripped out their hair with sharp, rake-like metal combs. The violent process left some with bleeding wounds, and an investigator even found cashmere with skin still attached to it.

The cashmere industry doubles as a slaughter industry. Workers kill the goats when they no longer produce a profitable amount of cashmere—often at only 4 or 5 years old, a fraction of their natural life expectancy. These inquisitive, communicative animals may spend their final moments terrified as workers drag them to the kill floor, bash in their heads with a hammer, and slit their throats. Goats at one slaughterhouse continued to move for four minutes while slowly bleeding to death.

Vegan cashmere fabrics rival their cruel counterparts—but without harming animals. And after being presented with PETA Asia’s evidence of the cruelty and environmental consequences of using cashmere, many companies have banned it, including The North Face, Timberland, ASOS, and Columbia.

Please help end cruelty to goats by urging Ralph Lauren to ban cashmere and choose only vegan materials.

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