Urge ‘Reformation’ to Stop Greenwashing Animal-Derived Materials


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Leather, cashmere, sheep’s wool, alpaca wool—can you name a material obtained from exploiting and killing animals that Reformation doesn’t sell?

This retailer markets itself as a “sustainable” company and claims that animals shouldn’t be harmed for its clothes, yet it continues to sell products made from animals’ skins, hair, and wool. No matter how many meaningless and misleading labels are used in marketing these items, producing animal-derived materials is cruel and destructive to the environment. Please join us in calling on Reformation to end its greenwashing and stop selling products made from animals!

Vegan materials are significantly less damaging to the environment than animal-derived ones. From the degradation of grassland ecosystems caused by cashmere production to the substantial methane emissions—a whopping 7 million tons annually—produced by exploiting sheep for their wool, animal-derived materials have a massive negative impact on the environment. According to the Higg Materials Sustainability Index, leather made from the skin of cows contributes more to global warming, water pollution, water depletion, and greenhouse gas emissions than synthetic or plant-based leather.

Cows, goats, alpacas, and sheep are intelligent, sensitive animals who can feel pain and fear—just like humans. They develop complex emotional relationships and mourn the deaths of their friends. When they’re used by the fashion industry, they endure immense cruelty during their short lives.

PETA has released dozens of investigative videos revealing that sheep and alpacas are hit, kicked, restrained, and mutilated for their wool; goats are pinned down and their hair is ripped out with sharp metal combs for cashmere; and cows are burned, electroshocked, beaten, and slaughtered for leather. Whenever animals are part of a supply chain, their welfare takes a back seat to an industry’s bottom line.

A growing number of clothing companies now use vegan materials to create luxurious fashions. More than 1,000 companies use the “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo to highlight vegan alternatives to leather, fur, silk, feathers, bone, and other animal-derived materials.

What You Can Do

It’s time for Reformation to operate based on its purported values. Animal-derived materials can never be sustainable or humane. Please urge the company to stop supporting animal suffering by ditching leather, cashmere, sheep’s wool, alpaca wool, and all other animal-derived materials!


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