Veterinary Miracles That Will Warm Your Heart this Holiday Season

A cat with a Christmas ornament

This time of year, we celebrate miracles of hope, faith and kindness. Hanukkah celebrates a second century BC miracle where a tiny amount of oil found in the Temple in Jerusalem miraculously kept lamps burning for eight days. Christmas celebrates the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ. At the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center, we believe in miracles too. In the spirit of the holiday season, I want to share just a few of them from AMC’s past, present and future.

JoJo the Cat Survives a Ruptured Stomach

Last Christmas time, AMC’s Cancer Institute was caring for a wonderful cat named JoJo, who faced various health issues, including a type of lymphoma treated with steroid therapy. Just before Christmas, JoJo woke her owners with a screaming meow that prompted a visit to AMC. We were perplexed at this unusual behavior and started her evaluation with some x-rays. Shockingly, the x-rays showed her stomach had ruptured. This is a bona fide emergency and may have been a consequence of lymphoma treatment. We frantically rushed JoJo into the operating room where AMC’s Surgery Team took over. JoJo became a holiday miracle when she was discharged from the hospital on Christmas Eve with her stomach sutured back together.

Taking the Christmas Tree Out of the Puppy

AMC has already had at least one miracle this holiday season. A beautiful golden retriever came to our animal ER for vomiting and skipping meals, which—her owners insist—she never does. Good thing they brought her in. Our abdominal ultrasound identified an intestinal blockage, and AMC’s Surgery Team found three quarters of her small intestine full of socks, string and a good deal of the Christmas tree. Thanks to the collaborative care of AMC’s ER and surgery teams, this pretty redhead will be back to normal and home for the holidays.

More AMC Holiday Miracles

If you want to read more stories of AMC miracles, here are ones about a hedgehog, a cat treated for an eye problem and a cat that gets a forever home for the holidays.

Have You Had an AMC Miracle?

AMC would love to hear your story of an AMC miracle to share on our website and social media. This isn’t limited to the holiday season but includes the miracles that happen every day at AMC. Please submit your miracle through the form below and follow us on social media to see our #AMCMiracleDay posts!

AMC Miracle Day Submission Form

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