VIDEO: Bull Appears to Flip Spectator During Rodeo Escape

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During the final bull ride of the evening at the 84th Sisters Rodeo in Oregon, Party Bus the bull jumped the arena fence, ran through the audience and into a concession area, where he seemingly flipped a person through the air.

Bulls escape rodeo arenas almost every year, and prove how rodeos are a dangerous place for all animals—but unlike the humans in attendance, bulls like Party Bus do not choose to be there.

Rodeo workers caught the panicked bull in the lot and secured him. Two humans were taken to the hospital for their injuries, and the bull’s owner later stated he would “buck” him again and “retrain” him.

Bullied Bulls Deserve Kindness: Help Bulls Around the World

Just as when a likely frightened bull bounded out of a Utah arena in 2023 and injured onlookers—plus, a similarly absurd fiasco in California in 2022—this dangerous incident in Oregon shows yet again rodeos need to be banned.

Every Animal Is Someone, and bulls like Party Bus deserve respect and kindness. Bulls are living, feeling beings with personalities. They’re smart animals with excellent memories.

Rodeo performers often beat, kick, and shock normally docile bulls and other animals in holding pens—abuse they inflict to provoke bulls’ instinct to run from harm. No wonder bulls are frantic by the time they’re released into arenas and that they’ve caused injuries to humans many times in their panic. The animals who aren’t killed during events often still meet a vicious death: When they’re too old or worn out to continue “performing,” “retirement” often means a one-way trip to the slaughterhouse.

White bull on a hill with desert plants

Never support rodeos, bull riding, or any other activity that exploits animals. If a rodeo does come to your town, write letters to sponsors, leaflet at the gate, or hold a demonstration. Contact PETA for help, too.

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