Video captures terrifying moment a perturbed moose strikes back after getting surrounded by entitled tourists: ‘And everyone keeps recording’


A video recently posted to TikTok displayed the dangers of approaching wild animals, as a moose that was surrounded by tourists responded by kicking a little girl.

The video, posted by TikTok user KJ (@outdoorsy_redhead), shows a cluster of people around a large moose, which at first seems to be accepting pets and treats. The moose is a wild animal, however, not a domesticated pet, and without warning it rears up and kicks a little girl.

@outdoorsy_redhead Its amazing to me that people don’t understand the dangers of wild animals! Especially A Moose! Moose scare the crap out of me when see them in the woods, even been charged at once. Definitely not something to mess around with! (not my video) #mooseattack #moose #wildanimals #dontbedumb #fyp #outdoorsyredhead ♬ original sound – KJ

Incredibly, none of the people move away. The moose then turns and rears up to kick again before being driven away. The video states the girl “fortunately … didn’t get much harm.”

“It’s amazing to me that people don’t understand the dangers of wild animals!” KJ wrote in the description, noting it was not her video. A little online digging revealed it appears to be a video shot at Zyuratkul National Park in Russia, according to The Daily Mail.

Though seeing a wild animal in person can be exciting, we should always keep in mind that climate awareness begins with respect for nature and the desire to protect the natural world. Approaching wild animals can be dangerous both for tourists and the animals themselves, as animals that attack people may be put down. These interactions are stressful for everyone involved, including the animals, bystanders, and park rangers whose job it is to protect the animals.

Sadly, this is far from the only example of people behaving recklessly around wild animals to be captured on video and posted to social media. Other recent incidents include tourists provoking an elk to attack their car and other tourists getting charged by an elk after trying to photograph it up close.

Educational initiatives and greater awareness are essential to prevent such events from occurring. We must work toward fostering a deeper understanding of nature that prioritizes the well-being of wildlife over the thrill of close encounters.

The commenters on the TikTok video of the moose couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“What’s even more amazing is that no one moved away except the girl that got booted,” one commenter wrote.

“And everyone just keeps recording,” another said.

This article by Jeremiah Budin was first published by The Cool Down on 18 January 2024. Lead Image: This iconic wilderness species can be aggressive when provoked. Matt Dirksen / Getty Images.

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