Vile trophy hunting travel firm shuts down after owner exposed in investigation


Since 2019 the Mirror has been campaigning to ban the importation of sick trophy hunting parts into the UK.

We have exposed a long line of cruel and heartless Brits who travel to Africa to ­ruthlessly slaughter majestic giraffes, lions, zebras and even monkeys.

So this week I wanted to share the good news that a British firm selling holidays to slaughter endangered rhinos and other breeds has closed down after its owner was exposed in an investigation of prolific hunters.

London-based Wattoo Safaris was recently offering a special discount deal on hand-reared lions that British trophy hunters could shoot in an enclosed field at a cost of £7,500 – a “saving” of almost £1,000. The website of Wattoo Safaris boasts: “We Will Make Your Dream Come True”.

The firm, set up by Brit Asif Wattoo, also offered help to bring the animal parts back to the UK, saying: “Your hunt is never complete, until you receive your animals at home for you to reminisce and re-call your experiences for the rest of your life.”

The firm was exposed by the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting as part of a book on prolific hunters. But Companies House records show it has now been dissolved.

Eduardo Goncalves, founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: “Shutting this vile man and his company down is a massive victory for animals. It is one step further towards banning this evil trade. But we cannot stop there. That is why it is vital that the Government supports John Spellar MP’s bill.”

In the Queen’s Speech of October 2019, the Government announced plans to introduce a ban on hunting trophies of endangered species but it fell at the last hurdle in the Lords due to opposition from a small group of pro-hunting peers.

The bill is now returning for second reading by John Spellar MP on March 22. Downton Abbey star and animal rights activist Peter Egan added: “Trophy hunting is as cowardly as it is cruel. It makes a mockery of our claims to be a nation of animal lovers.

“I strongly urge every MP to publicly pledge their support for the bill.”

Wattoo Safaris did not respond to a request to comment.

This article by Nada Farhoud was first published by The Mirror on 11 February 2024. Lead Image: Brits travel to Africa to ­ruthlessly slaughter majestic giraffes, lions, zebras and even monkeys (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto).

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