What Is The Best Dog Christmas Stocking? Here Are 9 Great Choices!

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If you have a four-legged family member, you’ll likely want to pick out a dog Christmas stocking to add to your holiday display. After all, your dog deserves a stocking full of gifts just as much as your human family does. Plus, many dog-themed stockings have adorable designs.

There are lots of stockings for pets out there, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best dog Christmas stockings to make your decision easier. Regardless of which stocking you choose, your pup will be happy to see what’s inside theirs this holiday season.

Dog with head in stocking

Buyer’s Guide: Dog Christmas Stocking

To help you choose the best stocking, consider the following features.


You’ll want to make sure your dog’s stocking matches your other stockings and Christmas decorations. Plus, its style should be cute enough to display over your fireplace.


Material preferences vary from person to person because some people prefer soft, plush fabrics while others would rather have sturdy fabrics like burlap. Regardless of which one you choose, make sure it’s durable so it can be reused every December.


If you know you’re going to put a lot of gifts in your dog’s stocking, make sure you check the size to ensure there will be plenty of space.


Some Christmas stockings for dogs allow you to personalize them, such as putting your dog’s name on the fabric. This is a great option if you have more than one dog stocking or just want your pup’s stocking labeled.

Stocking full of dog cookies

Best Dog Christmas Stocking

Frisco Sherpa Plaid Paw Holiday Personalized Dog Stocking
  • Paw-shaped stocking
  • Made of velvet with Sherpa trim
  • Can be personalized with up to nine characters
  • Comes in three color patterns

Nestling comfortably amidst the festive decorations, the Frisco Paw Holiday Personalized Stocking adds a dash of coziness and charm to the holiday season. It’s made of a lined velvet material with a Sherpa top where you can personalize the stocking, adding up to nine characters of text (including spaces). The first letter will be capitalized, so it’s a great spot to put your dog’s name. It has a built-in loop to make it easy to hang next to your other decorations, and it comes in three different color patterns.

Glitzhome Handmade Hooked Dog Christmas Stocking
  • Made with textured acrylic fiber and polyester
  • Has the word “woof” with a dog Christmas image on it
  • Handmade design
  • Other pet designs available

The Glitzhome Handmade Hooked Dog Christmas Stocking is a blend of traditional craftsmanship and artistic elegance, making your home extra festive. It’s made with a textured acrylic fiber front and a polyester back. The dog design on the front is handmade with a unique texture that’s soft to the touch. It includes a built-in loop to make it easy to hang, even when it’s stuffed with dog treats. If you’re not interested in this design, Glitzhome also sells a similar dog stocking that lights up and is made from 100% polyester.

Personalized Planet Dog Paw Christmas Stocking with Custom Name
  • Paw-shaped stocking with decorative bones
  • Can be custom-printed with your pet’s name
  • Made with faux Sherpa, polyester, and satin
  • Comes in two color patterns

The Personalized Planet Dog Paw Christmas Stocking is another great personalized option. Each stocking, adorned with an adorable dog paw shape, can be custom-printed with your pet’s name. It’s crafted with a blend of faux Sherpa, polyester, and satin. You can choose between red or green plaid designs, and both options come with an attached loop for easy hanging. The dog stocking is paw-shaped with decorative bones hanging on it, but you can also choose a cat design with fish hanging from it instead.

Beyond Your Thoughts New Knitted Dog Christmas Stockings
  • Bone-shaped dog stockings
  • Knitted using heavy yarn
  • Pattern includes paws, bones, and snowflakes
  • Other dog stocking designs available

The Beyond Your Thoughts New Knitted Dog Christmas Stockings are a bone-shaped design that can still hold treats and toys like a normal stocking can. Each stocking is meticulously knitted, echoing a classic Christmas aesthetic while providing a homey touch to your holiday decor. The heavy yarn includes paw prints, bones, snowflakes, and Christmas trees in the pattern. It’s soft and cozy to the touch. Plus, this company offers a variety of other unique dog stocking options.

Frisco Holiday Personalized Dog Stocking
  • Stocking features a dog with a scarf
  • Made with soft, lined polyester
  • Can be personalized with up to 12 characters
  • Comes with built-in loop for hanging

This is another great personalized option by Frisco. It’s shaped like a normal red stocking but has a dog wearing a scarf sewn onto it. It’s made of soft polyester and lined so you can safely keep your dog’s gifts inside. You can personalize the top section by adding up to 12 characters, making it the perfect spot for your pet’s name. For easy hanging, there’s a sewn-in loop at the top.

Beyond Your Thoughts Dog Bone Burlap Christmas Stockings
  • Bone-shaped stocking
  • Made of durable burlap
  • 100% hand-made
  • Variety of styles available

Beyond Your Thoughts New Linen Dog Bone Christmas Stockings are a simple bone design made of burlap with a decorative bow in the middle. The material is thick and durable to ensure it lasts for years to come. These stockings are 100% hand-made and come in several colors so you can buy a set if needed. Each stocking also comes with a sturdy sewn-in loop so you can hang it on the fireplace next to the rest of your stockings.

Merry Makings Paw Buffalo Stocking for Dogs
  • Paw-shaped stocking
  • Made with plush polyester fabric
  • Buffalo plaid details
  • Comes with an attached loop for hanging

The Merry Makings Paw Stocking for Dogs has a classic buffalo plaid pattern with a whimsical paw shape, offering both visual charm and a pet-centric touch. It’s made with plush polyester fabric that’s soft to the touch. It also includes a built-in loop so you can easily hang it anywhere in your home. It’s the perfect stocking for storing your pup’s gifts until Christmas time.

Valery Madelyn Cute Plush Dog Christmas Stocking
  • Dog-shaped stocking
  • Holds a sign that reads “I bark for present”
  • Made of high-quality, long-lasting fabrics
  • Includes name tag that you can write on

The Valery Madelyn Christmas Stocking is an adorable design because the entire stocking looks like a dog holding a sign that reads, “I bark for present.” It’s made of high-quality fabrics with an attached loop making it a durable option for holding your dog’s Christmas presents. Due to the quality construction, it’s recommended that you hand-wash it instead of throwing it in the machine. The stocking also includes a Santa name tag that you can write your dog’s name on.

New Traditions 2-Pack Christmas Stocking for Pets
  • Pack of two burlap stockings
  • Includes a place to add a photo of your dog
  • Decorated with paw prints, bones, and the word “woof”
  • Cat stockings available too

The New Traditions Stockings for Pets is a pack of two burlap stockings that have a place to insert a photo of your pet. The stockings are decorated with paw prints, bones, and the word “woof!” Each stocking is 20 inches long, giving plenty of space to fill with goodies for your furry friend. A durable loop is included on the top for hanging above the fireplace. If you also want stockings for your felines, there’s a cat design too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Hang Christmas Stockings?

People hang Christmas stockings as part of a long-standing holiday tradition rooted in a tale of St. Nicholas, who is said to have helped a poor family by secretly filling the daughters’ hanging socks with gold coins. Today, the practice continues as stockings are hung in anticipation of being filled with small gifts, candies, and trinkets by Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, bringing joy and excitement to both children and adults alike.

Can You Use a Normal Christmas Stocking for a Pet?

Yes, you can use a normal Christmas stocking for a pet. Many pet parents fill regular Christmas stockings with pet-friendly treats, toys, and accessories to include their furry friends in the holiday celebrations. However, there are also specialized pet stockings available, adorned with pet-themed designs and made to hold pet-appropriate goodies, offering a more personalized touch to this festive tradition for pets. Ensure that any items placed in the stocking are safe and appropriate for the specific pet to enjoy.

What Can I Put in My Dog’s Christmas Stocking?

In your dog’s Christmas stocking, you can include a variety of treats and toys that are safe and enjoyable for your canine companion. Consider adding gourmet dog treats, chewable toys, squeaky toys, and balls.

Can You Wrap Your Dog’s Presents?

Yes, you can wrap your dog’s presents, but it’s essential to supervise them while they’re unwrapping to ensure they don’t accidentally ingest or choke on the wrapping material. Choose wrapping materials that are safe and easily removable to ensure the unwrapping process is both fun and safe for your pet.

Can I Make a DIY Dog Christmas Stocking?

Yes, you can create a DIY dog Christmas stocking using various materials like fabric, felt, or burlap. Incorporate designs or decorations that reflect your dog’s personality, and ensure the stocking is sturdy enough to hold treats and toys. Numerous online tutorials can guide you through the process, making it easy and fun to create a personalized stocking for your furry friend.

Where Can I Hang Stockings if I Don’t Have a Fireplace?

If you don’t have a fireplace, there are alternative ways to hang your Christmas stockings. You can use wall hooks, shelves, or stair railings. Adhesive hooks are a good option for walls while stocking hangers can be placed on shelves or mantels. Ensure the hanging method is secure to prevent the stockings from falling when filled with gifts.

Dog holding stocking

Final Thoughts

Whether you opt for store-bought elegance or DIY charm, including a stocking for your pet is a testament to the integral role they play in our lives. After all, the magic of Christmas lies in togetherness, and with their unconditional love and loyalty, dogs prove to be the most deserving recipients festive gifts.

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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