When Locked-Away Pit Bull Gets Scared, He’s The First Thing She Grabs

Meet Lexy, a dog who had a rough start in life, but with the love and patience of her new family, she discovered the joys of being a beloved pet. From learning the simple pleasures of a dog bed to finding her favorite toy, Lexy’s journey is a heartwarming story of transformation and the power of love. Lexy’s life before she was adopted by her loving family was far from ideal. Her paws showed no signs of wear and tear, indicating she had been kept confined for most of her life. Overbred, her belly nearly touched the ground, and she didn’t understand the basic joys of being a dog.


Her new family and new mom Jenny assumed that all dogs would respond to words like “walk,” “treats,” and “car ride,” but Lexy would just look at them with confusion. It took her a while to figure out the purpose of a dog bed, but once she did, she was thrilled to lay in front of the fireplace. Her first experience with a toy was equally transformative. She didn’t like toys one bit, but on a special trip to the pet store, she found her soulmate in a shark her mom named Bruce. This toy became her security blanket and best friend, something she’d turn to for comfort and companionship.


Living just a couple of blocks from the beach, Lexy’s family tried to introduce her to the ocean, but she was initially hesitant. One day, however, she followed another dog into the water and discovered the joy of swimming. From that point on, she couldn’t get enough of the water.

Lexy’s transformation into a loving lap dog has been nothing short of miraculous. If she’s not touching her family, they know something’s wrong. She loves meeting new people, even going so far as to jump into a stranger’s car and onto their lap! Unfortunately, Lexy’s appearance has led to some negative reactions from people, who sometimes cross the street to avoid her or even mutter under their breath. To make her more approachable, her family put a tutu on her, which has helped people see the gentle, loving dog she truly is.


Lexy’s journey is a testament to the power of love and patience in transforming a neglected dog into a cherished family member. With the support of her family, she has overcome her past and embraced the joy of being a beloved pet.

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