Why going vegan is better for the planet: World Vegan Month

Reduce your carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of a vegan diet can be as much as 60% less than that of a meat-based diet, according to research by Oxford University. And more recent research further demonstrates that a vegan diet produces the least carbon emissions, requires less water, and requires less land, when compared to other ways of eating – including meat-based diets, vegetarian diets and pescatarian diets.

Animal agriculture and deforestation

Animal agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to deforestation worldwide; vast swathes of forests and rainforests are chopped and burnt down to clear land for animal grazing, and to grow crops for animal feed. In fact, roughly 90% of Amazon Rainforest deforestation can be directly attributed to red meat production.

Dairy is the worst milk for the planet


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