Will the Lone Star Tick Be the ‘State Arachnid’ of Texas?

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Today, PETA sent a letter to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott urging him to name the lone star tick the state arachnid of the Lone Star State, noting that the tick’s bite could actually help Texans by causing an allergic reaction to red meat and dairy, which would steer them toward nutritious vegan foods that save animals’ lives and the planet.

Lone Star Tick Cookbook next to Gov. Greg Abbott

We also sent Abbott a copy of our Lone Star Tick Cookbook to inspire him to try vegan recipes without encountering the potential state arachnid. We’re urging him to latch on to a good idea and celebrate this minuscule mite with a big title.

Why Should the Lone Star Tick Be the ‘State Arachnid’ of Texas?

Just as the Texas flag has one star, female lone star ticks have one star-shaped spot on their back.

What’s special about them is that their bite can lead to alpha-gal syndrome, causing an allergic reaction to red meat and dairy products.

Even though getting bitten really sucks, going vegan has significant health benefits, such as preventing clogged arteries, which can lead to heart disease—the leading cause of death in Texas and the rest of the nation—as well as protecting against certain types of cancer, strokes, diabetes, and obesity. In addition, it obviously helps animals as well as the planet, as animal agriculture is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, ocean dead zones, water pollution, species extinction, and habitat destruction.

Since several Texas cities, including Austin, rank high on the list of the best U.S. locations for vegans, many residents are likely already aware of the nightmare that animals exploited for food experience.

On farms, their horns, testicles, and tails are gouged, cut, or ripped from their bodies, and in slaughterhouses, they’re petrified to hear the screams of the animals in front of them struggling to keep from being strung up so that their throats can be slit.

No one should still be clinging to that dirty old meat-eating habit, and anyone ticked off by the way the meat industry treats animals and destroys the environment should go vegan. PETA will even help you get started.

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