Woman Placed Old Dog In Pouch Carried By Best Friend And They Lit Up


Tito, a little senior dog, doesn’t have the use of his back legs, so his mom decided to put him in a carrier around his brother Frank. When she did this, both of their faces lit up with joy. Frank would constantly turn around to check on Tito, and Tito would have the biggest smile on his face as if it were the greatest thing that ever happened to him.


Tito’s journey began when Kristina received an email about a dog that was listed at 15 years and eight months old with a myriad of medical issues. The biggest problem was that Tito wasn’t breathing well due to a collapsed trachea. He was coughing and struggling to breathe all day long, which broke Kristina’s heart. She wasn’t sure if Tito would have survived in the shelter, so she decided to become his hospice home.

Frank, a dog eventually adopted by Kristina, was taken in from a junkyard. His new mom gave him the nickname “Nurse Frank” for his innate ability to care for dogs that needed medical attention. When Tito arrived, Frank was immediately drawn to him. Tito didn’t growl or flinch away when Frank approached him; instead, he licked Frank’s face, showing that he wanted to be with Frank right off the bat.


As Tito settled into his new home, his bond with Frank grew stronger. Tito would make a tremendous effort to be as close to Frank as possible, even scooting over to lie on top of Frank’s giant paw. When Tito was struggling, Frank would watch over him, making sure that his little buddy was okay. Within a week, Tito’s condition improved significantly, and Frank was there every step of the way.


It’s unclear how dogs communicate, but their mom believes that Frank and Tito had a conversation where Frank told Tito that he couldn’t leave him just yet. Frank, who was found terrified in a junkyard, suffers from anxiety. Tito calms him down and helps boost Frank’s confidence. Their bond has helped heal their physical and emotional wounds.

Their relationship has proven that love has no boundaries! To see the duo interact, play the video below. Dogs truly are amazing creatures, don’t you think?

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