Woman Sees A Couple Walking Her ‘Stolen’ Dog, Walks Up And Snatches Her Dog Back

When Jessica Gary’s senior Chihuahua named Fidel was taken from the park, she became very frustrated and was willing to do whatever it takes to retrieve him. Losing a dog is a very distressing situation for any owner. Jessica offered a reward of $3,000 to help find Fidel, her 15-year-old dog who required daily medication to survive.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: CBS New York via YouTube Video


For the next two days, Jessica drove around Brooklyn putting up missing posters for her elderly dog, Fidel. Despite her efforts, she couldn’t find him. She also asked her friends on social media to help find Fidel by sharing his missing poster. Luckily, someone gave her a tip that helped her locate her beloved pet in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood.


Source/Image Screenshot Credit: CBS New York via YouTube Video


She went to the location where they saw a couple walking Fidel casually. Jessica didn’t want to argue or take any risk of losing her pet. When her friend saw the couple, they immediately got out of the car and took Fidel from them.  Jessica and her friend closed the door after getting the dog. The angry couple hit their window with a skateboard, but Jessica and her friend drove away safely.

Jessica thinks that the couple might have obtained or purchased Fidel from someone else, and the actual person who stole the dog is still unidentified.


Source/Image Screenshot Credit: CBS New York via YouTube Video


Despite the frightening ordeal, Fidel was not harmed and has now been happily reunited with his strong-willed mommy. Jessica acknowledges that her actions to rescue her dog may have been illegal, but she has no regrets.

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