Woman Tries To Save Her Skeletal Dog That Was ‘Perfectly Healthy’


A story that begins tragically takes a miraculous turn thanks to the dedication of a loving dog-mom and a veterinarian who refused to give up. Harlow, once a robust healthy dog, had wasted away to a skeletal frame. Every rib, vertebra, and bone in her legs were starkly visible. Despite numerous tests, her deteriorating condition remained a mystery. Her weight loss was relentless, and her mom, Alana, felt helpless witnessing her decline. Yet, amidst her suffering, Harlow retained her spark. With a wagging tail and a light in her eyes, she clung to life.


Harlow continued to eat and drink water, but despite her caloric intake, her weight declined more. Then, the dog got worse. She was weak with no desire to eat or drink. Determined not to give up on her, Alana tried to unravel the mystery of her ailment.


Emergency visits became routine, and her eyes lost the joy that once defined her. Faced with Harlow’s worsening condition, Alana considered making the heartbreaking decision to end her suffering. But on a Saturday morning, Harlow’s vet, Dr. Amy, suggested a rare allergic reaction to animal proteins. Transitioning Harlow to a vegetarian diet proved to be the turning point. Suddenly, her symptoms ceased, her eyes lit up, and the wag in her tail returned.


Harlow’s transformation was miraculous. From a dog on death’s door, she regained her zest for life. Grateful for the veterinary team’s dedication, Harlow’s family celebrated each milestone. Seeing her run along the beach and explore trails fills her mother’s heart with joy. The emotional journey unfolds in the video below.

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